1. How do I keep/store my cake?  My cakes keep fresh in the fridge for up to 5 days (decorations may vary, as fondant will become unpleasant if kept in a moist area). If you are not eating the cake on the day of pick up, store the cake in a fridge with no odours in the box it was given to you in. I recommend taking the cake out 1 hour before eating as my cakes are best at room temp.
  2. How do I keep/store my cakesicles? My cakesicles are kept fresh out of the fridge for up to 7 days. If you are not eating the cakesicles on the day of pick up, keep the cakesicles in the box they came in and in a cool area as the chocolate may melt if not stored correctly. 
  3. How do I transport my cakes? My single tiered cakes will be given to you in a cake box on a cake board. You can safely transport them on the passenger floor with the air-conditioning on and driving slowly around the corners. Best would be if a passenger was able to hold the cake on their laps for the journey. For my larger wedding and celebration cakes, I would like to offer you my delivery service based on availability (fee applies).
  4. Do you offer delivery? I do offer a delivery service, but this is limited to Weddings and larger cakes (with a fee) and my availability.  My delivery fee for Georgetown is a flat rate of $10, otherwise $2/km for longer distances. Wedding cake delivery fees may vary and will be discussed when ordering your cake.
  5. How much notice do you need to take a booking?  I recommend 2-3 weeks as minimum to place an order. I have limited spots each week for orders, so the sooner you contact me about your order, the better chance I can take it. 
  6. Do you have a minimum order requirement? For cupcakes, cookies and cakesicles the minimum amount is 1 dozen.
  7. Are you a nut free kitchen? My kitchen is not NUT FREE even if some of my items don't contain nuts. Please me aware of this before serving to your guests.
  8. Can you do GF/Vegan? Yes I do upon request, but i can not guarantee 100% gluten free, as we work with gluten often. Due to additional ingredients required a surcharge may apply.